ADABAS/Natural Jobs


Welcome! This job board provides postings for jobs in the Software AG/ADABAS/Natural world. It is not a commercial service and is free to use.

The intent of these pages is to provide a central location that focuses on ADABAS/NATURAL related job postings. There are way too many newspapers to search and even too many job boards to plow through, looking for ADABAS related jobs in the clutter of other specialties.

That is not to say that these other resources are not valuable. This service is not actively promoted, other than by word of mouth and via the search engines. So, this is far from the last word on where the jobs are to be found. However, I hope to make it the most convenient by keeping it small and focused in the ADABAS/Natural world.

Jobs used to be arranged by category. I have since lumped all the jobs together. We receive one DBA job and one Project Manager job for every fifty (or more) Programmer/Analyst jobs. So, it didn't seem to make sense to keep a separate category for these.

If you have any suggestions on ways that these pages can be improved, I would be happy to hear them.

Thanks and happy hunting.

Last Update: 08/08/97
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