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If you are interested in Software AG jobs, then you will probably also be interested in these other Software AG related Web pages and/or topics.

You can go straight to the horse's mouth by visting the Software AG home page. They keep a variety of information about products, support and the upcoming International Symposium.

Keep tabs on the NATURAL Conference and other items of interest at WIZINC . Jim Wisdom keeps all sorts of good information about standards and other timely topics, too. There's even a rogue's gallery of consultants, in case you are in the market.

SAG-L is a listserv dedicated to issues affecting the Software AG customer base (but not jobs!). If you would like to sign up for SAG-L , in the body of the e-mail you simply type:


If your browser does not support MAILTO, then send your request to

Also, don't forget to stop by and visit the folks from WH&O , makers of fine books and other services.

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