Database Administrator - Sacramento, CA

Position Reference: AF0111
Position Title: ADABAS DBA
Closing Date: November 9, 2009
Our Client is seeking the services of a contract Database Administrator.  All work will be carried at their Sacramento offices in California.
The estimated contract period is from January 1, 2010 through October 31, 2010.
Experience supporting the following Software AG products on an IBM mainframe with z/OS 1.9; TSO; CICS; and JES3:
- ADABAS 8.1.4
- AOS 8.1.4
- EntireX 8.0.0
- EntireX Cobol IDL Generator  6.1.1
- NET-WORK 6.1.2
- Natural  4.2.4
- Natural Security 4.2.4
- Natural Optimizing Compiler 4.2.4
- NATRPC 6.3.1
- Natural Construct  5.2.1
- PREDICT 4.5.2
- SAG System Management Hub 4.1.1
A minimum of:
- 3 years experience as DBA Group Lead
- 5 years experience with MVS Assembler Language
- 5 years experience with software AG products installation
Scope of Work Summary
Duties include but not limited to the following:
 1. Support vendor software and customization.
  - Evaluates new releases of software.
  - Installs vendor supplied software and maintenance.
  - Reads and understands MVS Assembler Language.
  - Schedules and tests new releases of software.
  - Isolates and coordinates the resolution of vendor software problems.
  - Documents updates to software releases following established procedures.
  - Develops TP monitor interfaces (TSO and CICS)
 2. Monitor and tune the database environment, and ensure database reliability.    
  - Identifies performance bottlenecks and improves system performance utilizing configuration options.
  - Monitors file growth and resource requirements.
  - Performs data base software utility routines to reformat, extend and reorganize files.
  - Performs restart and recovery procedures as required.
  - Integrates security requirements into the data base.
  - Develops and maintains procedures for maintenance, usage, backup and recovery of the data base.
 3. Develop and maintain physical data base designs:
  - Translates logical information into physical data base design.
  - Captures the data base design in the Predict Dictionary.
  - Develops logical data base views (DDM’s).
  - Identifies appropriate usage of descriptors.
  - Performs space allocation estimates for data base files.
  - Performs impact analysis for data base modifications
  - Documents updates to data base design following established procedures.
 4. Serve as the ADABAS DBA Group Lead:
  - Ensures that appropriate data base/software standards and procedures are developed and maintained.
  - Ensures that staff observes standards and procedures, and produce quality work products.
  - Develops project plans and schedules for software upgrades.
  - Coordinates and prioritizes assignment of tasks to staff.
  - Negotiates and facilitates any resource requirement needed by staff for completion of their tasks.
  - Monitors progress against schedules and deliverable dates.
  - Reports status to management.
  - Identifies problem areas and schedule conflicts; takes corrective action when necessary.
  - Represents the DBA Unit on enterprise application projects.
  - Provides technical assistance to the user community and IT staff.

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