Data/Information Architect - Columbia, SC

Data/Information Architect - COLUMBIA, SC 29201 

This system consists of a master file hosted by VSAM on the Zseries Server with a number of supporting ADABAS files on the Zseries as well as some COBOL. While listed as an ADABAS Upgrade, this is actually moving Natural / ADABAS and Natural / VSAM as well as COBOL programs to a client server WinTel (Windows based Intel) platform. 

Must have completed at least three conversions from ADABAS Natural to C-SHARP MSSQL. 

One of the conversions must have been within the last two (2) years.

All ADABAS and VSAM file structures will be moved to MSSQL. The Natural programs must be written in C-SHARP using the MSSQL data base. The Zseries COBOL programs may use WinTel COBOL or C-SHARP and will also access the MSSQL data base. 

There are also 14 Easytrieve programs (primarily reports) that will need to be changed to access the MSSQL data base.The Conversion consists of:1. 1,920 Natural Programs2. 98 COBOL Programs3. 14 Easytrieve Programs (reports)

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